Black OR White?

Neuralmanipulation on the Wired. Everything is Lies. Everything is Truth.

...Os justi meditabitur sapientam, et lingua ejus loquetur judicium. Beatus vir, qui suffert tentationem, quoniam, cum probatus fuerit, accipiet coronam vitae. Kyrie ignis divine eleison. O, quam sancta, quam serena, quam benigna, quam amoena, O, castitatis lilium...

Extra Stage

Why ? I'm bored.

Sion best girl. Fight vampires and stuff...

Sion is cool. Fight vampires and stuff...

Everything is broken here. But at least I'm learning.


XX ████████ X023


Or maybe.


I finally decided to migrate my site to a personal domain name hosted elsewhere than neocities. Sorry if I haven't given you any news or updated the blog, I've had a lot of things to do on a personal level. But it's all done now, so I can finally devote myself to the blog :). This site is still optimised for the screen of my T460 and for Firefox, I don't really intend to optimise it for other machines, sorry.

I've also started acquiring amateur radio equipment, and I'll be doing an article on the subject soon I think. In any case, I'm finally somewhere other than neocities. Let's talk again next time.

See ya.


The site is now open. I started doing this because I was bored one night, and I always wanted to make a site, so I thought why not. For the moment it's on neocities, because I just wanted to try out a bit of HTML and CSS, as I didn't know anything about it. I'm not really satisfied with the result, but the site is still in its very early stages. I plan to migrate it later, but for now it's here.

I apologise in advance for any syntax or grammatical errors, as English is not my main language. The site is currently only optimised for computers, there may be problems with phones, sorry I'm trying to resolve this.

I think I'll post a bit of everything here, whether it's music, my constructions, anything interesting that pops into my head and articles. I also love to write, and I'll be posting some of my work here. You can navigate this site using the table of contents on the right.

I hope you enjoy it.

About me:





I'll made a Pwnagotchi, and some randoms shit. Maybe try gentoo on my second shitass desktop. It's going to take a while to compile though lol. Also I love soldering stuff.

And finally start radioamateurism. I really want that. Broadcasting stuff and chatting with people on the radio is fun.



The Rapture looms in the offing — a divine revelation's ethereal manifestation, poised to assert dominion over my fractured essence.

This website is kinda new.

To do : RSS, add content, clean the code.



Don't hesitate to contact me, it's always nice to talk to other netizens who aren't bots !



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