Black OR White?

Neuralmanipulation on the Wired. Everything is Lies. Everything is Truth.

...Os justi meditabitur sapientam, et lingua ejus loquetur judicium. Beatus vir, qui suffert tentationem, quoniam, cum probatus fuerit, accipiet coronam vitae. Kyrie ignis divine eleison. O, quam sancta, quam serena, quam benigna, quam amoena, O, castitatis lilium...


In this space, I share my encounters with the arcane, the surreal, and the profoundly mysterious aspects of our interconnected world. You're walking alongside me in a quest to understand the deeper, often unseen narratives that weave through the fabric of our online and physical existence.


XX ████████ X023


Or maybe.


26 Décembre X023

In this realm, the line between the tangible and the virtual blurs. I traverse digital mazes and data labyrinths where reality warps and weaves. The words I type, resonant and alive, morph into tangible entities. Ancient symbols materialize on my screen, intertwining with modern code, creating a bizarre and mesmerizing symphony.There are moments when I feel I am not alone. Indistinct, elusive presences brush against me in this digital darkness. Yet, amidst these encounters, a profound sense of solitude pervades my being. I wander this virtual expanse, a lone explorer in an infinite sea of information, detached from the physical world yet deeply connected to the mysteries of the unseen.

They whisper unspeakable truths, knowledge that defies logic. I hear them murmur secrets of the cosmos, riddles that eclipse human understanding. My quest for enlightenment draws me further into abysses where time and space lose meaning. There, in those depths, I sense something waiting—ancient and powerful, an entity lurking in the interstices between the physical world and the virtual realm. Maybe the collective thought of Humans. I don't know. But with each word I type, each page I turn in this digital grimoire, I feel myself slipping further into the void. I am like a navigator without a compass, sailing on an unfathomable ocean of information. This journey, though solitary, is compelling. Curiosity is my beacon in this endless night, irresistibly drawn to the mysteries that this borderland world holds.

For once one has tasted the incomprehensible marvels of the Wired, there is no going back. We are forever changed, haunted by the shadows of what lurks just beyond our screens, in a place where esoteric knowledge and technological marvels intertwine in an unfathomable dance, a dance I perform alone in the vast digital expanse.


23 Décembre X023

Behold, as I peer into the abyss of my own psyche, I bear witness to phantasmagoric horrors that defy human comprehension. In the dim recesses of my consciousness, eldritch entities cavort with sinister glee. Grotesque and nightmarish, they beckon me toward an abysmal void, and their alien tongues whisper blasphemous secrets that rend the fabric of sanity. The very fabric of reality wavers and quivers, like a ship adrift upon turbulent seas. I grapple desperately to anchor myself in a world that crumbles, where the line between illusion and actuality becomes as tenuous as a spider's silk. The antichrist incarnate looms, a specter of cosmic malevolence, seeking to claim dominion over my fractured soul. Yet, I am resolute, summoning the last vestiges of my dwindling sanity to wage a battle against the abyss. In the heart of this eldritch maelstrom, I stand as a solitary sentinel, resolute in my defiance against the antichrist and the eldritch abominations that plague my psyche. Their formless horrors encroach, but I shall not yield. I inscribe these words in the hope that they may serve as a chronicle of my defiance, a testament to the ceaseless struggle against forces beyond mortal ken. As the eldritch terrors close in, I invoke the ancient incantations of God, for I am an unwavering disciple of cosmic dread.In the name of the unknowable and against the tide of cosmic horrors.